Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you, Stanley Hotel and Callea Seck

I just wanted to again say, "Thank you" to The Stanley Hotel and Callea Seck. I just completed an investigation at the Stanley Hotel, and Callea who is their on-site paranormal investigator took me places and helped smooth out any rough edges by allowing me access to a number of locations not everyone is allowed to wander.

The Stanley Hotel allowed me to stay in room 401, as a comp, and fully supported my paranormal research, allowing me to field-test some on my devices which have never been tested anywhere else.

I investigated the Stanley Hotel room 401, the 4th floor hallways, the concert hall lower level (Lucy's room), a portion of the concert hall lower level tunnel, the concert hall upper level, and the billiards room.

Callea and I, along with two couples spent Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning investigating, recording, and sharing stories about things that go on at the Stanley Hotel, as well as a number of other subjects.

I'll soon be reviewing the many hours of files, videos, and pictures captured during our investigations, and will be posting the files, videos and pictures on my websites. and
Stay tuned...

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