Saturday, October 31, 2009

Syfy TAPS Ghost Hunters investigation video goes missing, was it paranormal?

Resident Briarhurst Manor paranormal investigators Erick and Tammila Wright, who have been "ghost documenting" for over 25 years, talk on a KVOR morning talk show about the recent TAPS Syfy Ghost Hunters investigation done at the Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs Colorado. This is just an excerpt of the entire conversation, where they discuss the one day of filming video that was lost by the TAPS Ghost Hunters crew. They also compare the Briarhurst and Stanley Hotel, and discuss the Briarhurst's Bloody Wall, which Jason and Grant explained as something other than what the Briarhurst claim is. Tammila said she would like another opinion and an analysis of what the substance on the bloody wall really is. Jason and Grant said it was cleaning fluid dripping from a bathroom above the wall location.
If the Ghost Hunters lost a days worth of investigation video, should they have done a REVEAL of that investigation, or should they have disclosed the investigation was tainted by the missing data? Should they return to the Briarhurst and re-investigate, gathering all the data this time, without losing it?

Syfy TAPS Ghost Hunters mishandle Briarhurst Manor investigation?

This morning on a local Colorado Springs radio station talk show, the number one radio station in the city, the in-residence paranormal investigators from the Briarhurst Manor were interviewed about the recent episode of Syfy Ghost Hunters investigation of Briarhurst Manor.

During that interview it was mentioned that a full day of video taping done during the Briarhurst Manor investigation, was lost. Hearing that I have to wonder, was the Briarhurst Manor given a proper REVEAL of the investigation by the TAPS Ghost Hunters?

In a previous entry I mentioned some of the claims made by the Briarhurst of possible hauntings were explained as something else by the Ghost Hunters during their reveal segment.

Hummm... maybe those claims by the Briarhurst are real after all, and the Ghost Hunters didn't have all they needed to do a proper reveal.

A proper investigation should have included that day of lost data, don't you think...???

I was told, as was repeated during this morning's radio interview, that the Ghost Hunters will be coming back to the Briarhurst. I think that's only right... they need to gather ALL the evidence.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Briarhurst Manor hauntings are residual declare TAPS Ghost Hunters

Looks like the Manitou Springs Briarhurst Manor isn't as haunted as the management was hoping it would be... The Ghost Hunters investigation findings were a bit of a disappointment, I'm sure.

The TAPS Ghost Hunters crew visited the Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs earlier this year, performing a paranormal investigation of the property after the Manor was listed as one of the three finalists in a most haunted category run-off.

Those who worked at the Briarhurst during the investigation, and those who knew about the Ghost Hunters findings were asked not to tell their tales, each even requested to sign a non-disclosure paper about what went on until after the show was aired on Syfy.

Well, tonight those findings, and the cat slipped out of the bag as Ghost Hunters on Syfy aired the episode of that investigation.

It turns out that the claims made at the beginning of the show by the Briarhurst Manor resident paranormal investigator didn't all pan out, with Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant having reasonable explanations for some of those claims after further investigation...

Such as;
- 'The Bleeding Wall', which turned out to be nothing more than red colored bathroom cleaner that leaked from a room above the wall below.
- The 'Flying Vase', which was nothing more than a poorly balanced vase on a unsteady table, which could have been the cause of its flying off and breaking.
- The 'Shadow Figures' in a specific spot, turning out to be real non-paranormal shadows from a mixture of outside lighting and movement brought in through a pattern of windows.
- The 'Little Girl' who visited the restaurant guests at the window, didn't appear during the investigation.

But Grant and Jason did manage to catch the sound of some creaking boards, and some fast step running in the attic. (Nothing uncommon for wood floored buildings in Colorado as those of us who live here in one know.)
The running may have been from the many squirrels or raccoons that frequent the area... or who knows, maybe a ghost child or two playing in that attic...???
Anyway, they also recorded a couple of strange sounds like humming, and possibly a child's voice inside the Manor.

In the end, and during their reveal segment, they broke the news... and I'm sure that news was not what was hoped for by the Briarhurst.

The good news was... both Ghost Hunters agreed that what they did experience was most likely Residual haunting, and they did say they would like to return to the Briarhurst Manor sometime to further investigate.

So... is the Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs, Colorado as haunted as the many claims have made it sound?

After watching the Ghost Hunters investiation tonight, I have to say... no. But it does appear that there is something there... be it RESIDUAL or otherwise. What could that 'something' be???

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