Saturday, October 31, 2009

Syfy TAPS Ghost Hunters investigation video goes missing, was it paranormal?

Resident Briarhurst Manor paranormal investigators Erick and Tammila Wright, who have been "ghost documenting" for over 25 years, talk on a KVOR morning talk show about the recent TAPS Syfy Ghost Hunters investigation done at the Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs Colorado. This is just an excerpt of the entire conversation, where they discuss the one day of filming video that was lost by the TAPS Ghost Hunters crew. They also compare the Briarhurst and Stanley Hotel, and discuss the Briarhurst's Bloody Wall, which Jason and Grant explained as something other than what the Briarhurst claim is. Tammila said she would like another opinion and an analysis of what the substance on the bloody wall really is. Jason and Grant said it was cleaning fluid dripping from a bathroom above the wall location.
If the Ghost Hunters lost a days worth of investigation video, should they have done a REVEAL of that investigation, or should they have disclosed the investigation was tainted by the missing data? Should they return to the Briarhurst and re-investigate, gathering all the data this time, without losing it?

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