Saturday, October 31, 2009

Syfy TAPS Ghost Hunters mishandle Briarhurst Manor investigation?

This morning on a local Colorado Springs radio station talk show, the number one radio station in the city, the in-residence paranormal investigators from the Briarhurst Manor were interviewed about the recent episode of Syfy Ghost Hunters investigation of Briarhurst Manor.

During that interview it was mentioned that a full day of video taping done during the Briarhurst Manor investigation, was lost. Hearing that I have to wonder, was the Briarhurst Manor given a proper REVEAL of the investigation by the TAPS Ghost Hunters?

In a previous entry I mentioned some of the claims made by the Briarhurst of possible hauntings were explained as something else by the Ghost Hunters during their reveal segment.

Hummm... maybe those claims by the Briarhurst are real after all, and the Ghost Hunters didn't have all they needed to do a proper reveal.

A proper investigation should have included that day of lost data, don't you think...???

I was told, as was repeated during this morning's radio interview, that the Ghost Hunters will be coming back to the Briarhurst. I think that's only right... they need to gather ALL the evidence.

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